About Adam

Political Service

Based in Wauconda, Illinois, Adam Schlick has been serving the Lake County community for nearly 20 years. Schlick has taken on progressive leadership and elected roles in the community, offering residents a transparent, pragmatic and results-oriented approach to local governance.

Currently, Schlick serves as a trustee on the Wauconda Village Board, an elected position he’s held since 2017. During his terms, the board has completed many major initiatives, including the successful implementation of Lake Michigan water; the approval of a five-year strategic plan focused on critical areas such as financial stability, operational excellence and economic development; and distributing funds to support local businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Prior to serving as a Wauconda trustee, Schlick was an elected Wauconda Park District commissioner from 2013 to 2017. During this time, the Park District laid the foundation and contracted for the acquisition of the historic Phil’s Beach property; paid off all long-term debt; and made significant strides in the modernization of key community services, such as online enrollment in programs. Schlick’s service with the Park District culminated with his being elected board president in 2015.

Professional Experience

Schlick has been an active member of the Wauconda Fire District for nearly two decades. He joined the department as a part-time firefighter and EMT and has risen through the ranks to his current position of battalion chief.

Preceding his involvement in the fire service, Schlick operated a horse stable in Wauconda. The business was owned by the Schlick family from its founding in 1972 until the time of its sale in 2004.

Family and Charitable Involvement

Schlick is a devoted family man, spending his free time with his wife, Kristen, and their 10-year-old son, Hunter.

On the weekends, you are likely to find the Schlick family shuttling to various sporting activities and finding much joy in cheering on Hunter’s participation in the Wauconda Bulldogs football and Hawthorn Woods Elite soccer teams.

Beyond sports and community involvement, the Schlicks are passionate about animal welfare, and you’ll find their home is a haven for numerous adopted pets. The Schlicks also run a 501(c)(3) nonprofit focused on the responsible rehoming of racehorses.

Other community initiatives the Schlick family has previously been or is currently involved in include the Wauconda Fest committee, Wauconda Bulldogs youth volunteer coaching, being a Chapel Grayslake child care volunteer, and Frassati Catholic Academy events and fundraising.

To learn more about Schlick’s platform and the key issues he’ll be advocating for if he’s elected, click here.