Balanced Budgets

Fiscal Responsibility Starts with Balanced Budgets. Schlick is a strong believer that spending taxpayers’ hard-earned dollars in the most judicious manner possible is a standard that every elected official should be evaluated on.

During Schlick’s near-decade of public service, he has worked to help local entities achieve balanced budgets, pay off long-term debts and create a financial future that ensures a sustainable level of services for many years to come.

And while Schlick has a proven track record of fiscal responsibility in government, he’s not resting on his laurels. “With inflationary pressures and costs rising around the country, elected officials can’t rely on ‘that’s the way we always did it.’ I won’t stop until we find new ways to deliver the most bang for the taxpayer’s buck.”

A Vibrant Economy

Sustainable Economic Growth and Shared Resources Can Ease Tax Burdens. Lake County has felt the pain of the global pandemic. As we look ahead to brighter days, Schlick will prioritize economic revitalization. Attracting new businesses and being an advocate for existing businesses will lead to job creation, which ultimately makes our communities better places in which to live and work. Revenue that comes from this growth can help fund new community services and potentially reduce existing tax burdens for residents.

Another key initiative to reduce tax burdens that Schlick plans to pursue is the increased sharing of resources between neighboring governing bodies.

While local government entities tend to operate in silos, Schlick believes there are potentially millions of dollars in savings to be realized by sharing more resources and increasing collaboration.

Stand with Law Enforcement

A Safe County Has Strong and Well-Supported Law Enforcement. There are few relationships more important to community well-being than that between policing agencies and the public they serve. As with any strong relationship, it must be based on mutual respect and trust.

Schlick believes it is the responsibility of the Lake County Board to pass budgets and ordinances that enable the brave men and women of the Lake County Sheriff’s Department to promote public safety and uphold justice.

“We can’t have a Lake County Board that will undermine the sheriff or the officers on the street – the risk is far too great,” Schlick said.

Protect Our Natural Resources

We Must Promote the Lake County Forest Preserves’ Accessibility for Residents and Protect Them for Generations to Come. “As Lake County Board members also serve on the Board for the Lake County Forest Preserves, it is essential to elect someone who knows how this entity works and is dedicated to maintaining this crown jewel of the county,” Schlick said.

“Having previously owned a business that was adjacent to the Forest Preserves, I have knowledge as to their operations,” Schlick said. “More importantly, I am passionate to advance their mission of preservation, restoration, education and recreation. I feel the Preserves are a vital asset to our community and want to increase accessibility for more residents and for future generations.”

People over Politics

A Helping Hand – and Listening Ear – for Lake County Residents. “In talking with community members, it is clear there is disconnect from voter sentiment and actions being taken at the County Board level,” Schlick said. “Our residents deserve leadership that listens to their concerns and can deliver real solutions on the issues that matter most.